Calvin & Hobbes' Guide to Daily Life

The Guide

I am certainly not the author of this little pamphlet. I simply ran across a copy in a friend's library. After I read it, I knew I had to spread the word. The copy I had in my possession was a multi-generational photocopied one. Hard to read. Ridiculous layout. And then it barely survived a flood and my cat. Bad news. I just reformatted, retyped and vectorized everything! Completed in May 2008.


Your printer must be able to print up to 0.30 inches from the edge (all edges) of the paper. (Some printers have this off by default. Turn it on by setting "edge-to-edge" printing to "enabled.") If your printer has a duplexer, make sure to set the "print on both sides" setting to "flip page up." Otherwise some pages will be printed upside-down! To give your print "that special touch," print pages 1/2 on goldenrod paper (or some other color), so it really stands out. And remember: before making 500 prints, try just one to make sure you get all the settings right!

  1. 300 dpi pdf (6.6 MB)
  2. 600 dpi pdf (15.6 MB)
  3. 1200 dpi pdf (36.9 MB)


The printable pdfs are just fine for viewing, but you will find that the pages seem quite out of order. This PDF is for reading on a computer screen, but will not print well.

  1. 150 dpi pdf (3.1 MB)


The raw files used to create the PDFs are available as well. Scribus, GIMP, Potrace and SANE were invaluable in creating this thing, and will likely be needed if you plan on making any significant modifications to the files. Also, the fonts DejaVu Sans Bold, GentiumAlt Italic and GentiumAlt Regular are required.

  1. gzipped tarball (17.9 MB)